Photo Report from KTM Canada Team Launch Party At Red Bull

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 2012 KTM Canada team launch party at Red Bull’s offices here in Toronto.  Andy White at KTM was kind enough to send me an invitation and I was honored to attend.   I had a great season shooting for KTM in 2011 and was very excited to […]

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Cole Thompson Cover Shoot With MXP Magazine

Just over a month ago I shot a cover and feature with Cole Thompson.  I’ve had to wait until now to write my photo report so as not to spoil what I am told is, one of the best issues yet.  I had so much fun on the assignment and have been eager to share […]

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2012 Norco Trail Bike Shoot With Silent Norco Racing

The fall is my favorite time of year to ride and shoot.  Perfect temperatures, beautiful foliage and no bugs make this the ideal time to be on the trails.  Yesterday I met up with Jeff, Mike, David and Rob from the Silent Norco Racing team for a photo shoot aboard some of Norco’s killer 2012 […]

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Slik Pro 634 CF 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod

Let me first start off by saying that, while this is by definition a tripod, for the purposes of this review it is a lightstand because that is how I use it.  So you are in fact getting two for one here; a review and how-to light outdoor sports.  Actual lightstands are a completely different […]

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Airport International V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag

Traveling with your camera gear can be challenging.  Security, logistics and the cost associated with this deter many from doing so.  Think Tank has changed all that and their rolling camera bags make it a breeze to safely pack your favorite camera goodies for travel domestically or abroad. Think Tank make a whole slew of […]

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Ranger RX Speed AS 1100 Watt/Second Kit

I have been pining for this pack since the very first day I laid eyes on one. My first studio kit consisted of  four AlienBees B1600 flash units.  I loved my Bees!  At the time, I was doing more studio work and they were the bomb.  A lot of photographers that migrate to some of […]

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One of the questions I am often asked is: “what is your favorite lens?”.  I am normally not very good at answering these types of question.  If you asked me the same thing about my choice in music I would be hard pressed to name only one artist.   When it comes to lenses however, I […]

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Photo Report from Centurion at Blue Mountain

This weekend I was covering the second annual Subaru Centurion Canada race at Blue Mountain.  Perfect temperatures drew record crowds for this epic race through some of Ontario’s most picturesque countryside. I arrived at the resort early on Friday afternoon to meet with the organizers and get all the logistics for the shoot sorted.  I […]

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Nikon D3 Long Term Review

My first digital body was the 2.72 megapixel Nikon D1H which I purchased in 2003.  Since then, I have been the proud owner of the D2X, D700 and D3.  This Nikon D3 review is coming much later than the slew of initial reviews but I think it will still be interesting for readers.  Consider it […]

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Photo Report From CMRC Pro National MX9 in Walton

This weekend I covered my last outdoor CMRC Monster Energy Motocross Nationals race in 2011. I will be covering the Montreal Supercross for them in October but the outdoor season is now behind me. It has been an incredible ride this year and I met some great people along the way. The new friends and […]

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