A Few More Catalog Shoots Before Hitting The Road

I managed to bang off a few more catalog shoots before heading out of town on a little road trip with my wife. I wanted to have everything wrapped up before hitting the road. Clients always seem to need stuff the minute you leave the city I was able to shoot some commuter style images […]

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Norco - 29er-226

Norco 29er Shoot

Every year I shoot a portion of Norco’s catalog for them.  Being that I live in Toronto, I usually shoot the more urban bike categories, like comfort and hybrid. I also shoot some trail, XC and DH for them as well though.  For this shoot I was lucky enough to be shooting their hot new […]

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Ryan Leech Ad From Norco

I was just doing some work preparing for my 2009 season and came across a Ryan Leech ad that Norco ran with one of my images from 2008.   It’s a shot I took just outside Toronto in April.   My good friend and riding buddy, Bob Bonner, can along to help me on this shoot.  […]

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