Photo Report from Round 9 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Walton

The fat lady has sung and another incredible year of racing the Canadian motocross circuit has come to an end.   This truly national race series, which kicked off in Nanaimo, BC, wrapped up this week with its ninth and final stop at Walton Raceway.  The track, located just a few hours north-west of Toronto, is […]

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Photo Report from Round 8 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals at Sand Del Lee

This weekend round 8 of the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals took place at Sand Del Lee.  This legendary track is located just outside of my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario.  Sand Del Lee was where I shot my first MX race and it’s one of my favourite tracks to shoot on the Canadian circuit. […]

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Photo Report from Round 5 of Monster Energy MX Nationals at Gopher Dunes

Round 5 of the Monster Energy MX Nationals took place this weekend at Gopher Dunes in Courtland, Ontario.  While it wasn’t as ridiculously hot as last year, it was still pretty stinking hot.  The Schuster family always does a top notch job and I was really looking forward to shooting at Gopher.  I guess it’s sorta […]

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Cover shoot with Tyler Medaglia for MXP Magazine

A few weeks ago I was sent on assignment for MXP Magazine to snap a cover of Tyler Medaglia for their upcoming issue.  I was particularly stoked for this shoot because I cut my teeth shooting MX with Tyler and I was really happy to see it come full circle like this. The first time […]

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Photo Shoot with KTM Canada’s Amazing Team

This shoot marks my second year working with KTM Canada to photograph their team. These images are used for posters, on their site and as required throughout the season by sponsors and media. Anything towards the end goal of promoting and helping this great team. They’re an amazing group of guys and I really enjoyed […]

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Nikon D4 Review for Sports Photography

The long awaited Nikon D4 is finally here.  I couldn’t find an image of Nikonians rejoicing but trust me, we are.  After much speculation, the new body hit showroom floors in late March this year.  Rumors surrounding the body hypothesized that it was going to be what we now know is closer to the Nikon […]

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2012 Toronto Supercross Photo Report

This past Saturday I got out to the Rogers Centre for the Toronto Supercross.  I photographed this event for Racer X last year and shortly thereafter began to shoot more and more for MXP.  Covering the CMRC motocross season for them last year was amazing and this race marks the beginning of the 2012 series […]

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2012 MXP Photo Annual – Lucky 37

This year was a wild one.  I will honestly never forget this summer, it was simply off the charts.  I spent a lot of days on the road and shot over 50,000 images, some of them were even decent. One of the more notable enterprises I took on this year was accepting the role as […]

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Photo Report from 2012 FIS Snowboard Cross at Blue Mountain

Over the last week, I was up at beautiful Blue Mountain covering the two World Cups being hosted there this year.  This was my third year covering the Audi FIS Ski Cross and my first covering the LG Snowboard Cross.  Blue and the FIS showed incredible vision by pairing the two races as closely together as […]

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Photo Report from 2012 Audi FIS World Cup Ski Cross at Blue Mountain

This marks my third year covering the Audi FIS Ski Cross at Blue Mountain. It’s been incredible to watch this event grow, from a media perspective, and finally start to get some of the exposure it needs and deserves. Three years ago, I was one of only a handful of photographers covering the race. This […]

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